Info - Traffic Reports is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date traffic reports and news from around the UK. It can be so frustrating to set out on a journey to only get stuck in a queue. The most common causes of traffic congestion are:-

Accidents cause major problems by blocking carriageways which usually result in lane closure until the obstruction is cleared. Depending on the severity of the accident it might cause a single lane closure or might result in a total closure of the carriageway. Even a single lane closure will often cause queuing of traffic since it forms a bottleneck which squeezes traffic into less lanes than the road is designed to carry.

Roadworks usually cause lane closures to allow the works to take place. During peak times these will often cause congestion as similar to accidents, it will cause a bottleneck through which heavy traffic will not be able to pass freely.

Heavy Traffic
Rush hours and local events can sometimes cause congestion due to the sheer volume of traffic which is beyond the capacity of the road. Once cars begin to slow it will quickly have a knock on effect which causes queues of traffic which begin to tail back.

Whatever the cause, using a site like can help to identify potential problems on the road before you set out on your journey. Avoiding problem areas not only helps you to get to your destination faster and more relaxed but takes one less car away from the problem areas which helps to resolve the congestion faster.

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